Terms and Conditions


Updated on 5th of May 2020 last update 16th of march 2020



SNGT con (hereinafter referred to as "the company", "we", "our", "our") operates the Bastaat website and the related online application (hereinafter referred to as "bastaat").

These terms and conditions set rules that must be adhered to when using Bastaat and govern our relationship with the user. The use of Bastaat - whether by visiting the site or application, advertising products, or purchasing any of the products offered with us - is related to the user’s acceptance of these terms and conditions. Use. The terms and conditions apply to all users of Bastaat, including browsers, sellers, buyers, advertisers, or contributors to the content in any way.
The use of Bastaat prepared for those who have reached the age of majority and therefore using Bastaat, the user acknowledges that he has reached the age of majority and that he has given us his consent to allow any of the minors under his care and supervision to use Bastaat.

We reserve the right to amend, change or update these terms and conditions from time to time, so the user must visit this page regularly to review the latest version. We will publish the date of the last update at the top of the terms and conditions and the update will come into effect as soon as it is published on Bastaat. The continued use of Bastaat after posting any changes to these terms and conditions is deemed acceptance of these changes.


Please also see the Privacy Policy, which specifies the type of information we collect when using stands and ways to protect personal information that a user may provide us.


Simple explnation on how the website works

Bastaat provides an online platform to advertise our sellers' products, such as vegetables (vegetables - fruits - crops - trees), poultry, fish and animal wealth (cattle - horses - camels) and fodder "referred to later as products" to sell to others. The stands authorize the user to advertise his products and / or shop the products offered on our website.

The purpose of Bastaat is to connect the buyer with the product sellers, to enable the buyer to place an online purchase order and to deliver online purchase orders to the specific addresses of the buyers. Bastaat does not have stores in which to store the products. Rather, he receives from the sellers directly the prepared and packed requests from them for delivery to the buyers. The stalls are totally unrelated to the production or preparation of any of the products offered through Bastaat, the sellers are solely responsible for the fulfillment of the products offered through Bastaat to the conditions required to ensure health and safety and the possession of all applicable permits and licenses for the marketing and sale of the products, and for ensuring the quality of the products sold as the vendors They are solely responsible for the process of packaging products according to the nature of the product. 

The user can open his own account on Bastaat, which enables him to save his basic information, making it easier for him to use periodically or continuously without having to enter that information every time.
Terms of use 
Bastaat should be used at all times in a legal and legal manner. The user should mainly:
  • All information provided by it is correct, accurate and complete, including delivery addresses and addresses for receiving requests. The user is solely responsible for the information he provides, including personal information and for updating it continuously, and he is solely responsible for what may arise from providing false or misrepresented data.
  • Not to create, download, publish or transmit any inappropriate content or any content that constitutes an offense under applicable laws including defamatory, threatening, harassing or inciting hate content.
  • Not be used as platforms to participate, promote or encourage any illegal behavior or procedure, including those that affect national security.
  • Does not violate the intellectual property rights of the stands or to others;
  • Not to send illegal or unauthorized connections such as bulk messaging, auto-messaging, auto-dialing and the like, including transmitting any worms, viruses or any code of a destructive nature.
  • The user is solely responsible for the entry and use of third-party platforms and /or services or links, including advertisements, and is solely responsible for the content he creates, uploads, publishes, sends, or stores in stacks, whether the content is published to the public or in particular including Comments and responses made by whatever its content and content, whether regarding the service or products offered through stalls or vendors, or otherwise.
We reserve the right to delete the user’s account or refuse to provide any service if any of the terms of these terms and conditions are violated or if necessary in compliance with our legal obligations. In such a case, the user will not be able to create another account without our explicit consent.
We also reserve the right to amend, suspend or discontinue the stalls (in whole or in part) at any time and without prior notice, and we will not be responsible to the user or any third party for any modification, suspension or suspension of stalls.


Information on the purchase requisition

When the user places an order through stostles, we will send him an email to the specified email from him confirming the receipt of the order and the products he ordered.
There is a minimum purchase order value that appears to the user while placing an order, and we reserve the right to amend it from time to time.

For products whose price is calculated on weight, the user will be charged based on the actual weight of the product on delivery.

The available payment method is online payment through Bastaat through payment cards: Knet, Visa or MasterCard. Payment through payment cards is subject to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the payment gates concerned and other processors of payment transactions, including the information they ask us to provide them for the transactions related to the purchase, and therefore we encourage the user to review the terms and conditions and their privacy policy.

When the order is delivered to the buyer, the buyer must immediately and directly verify the validity of the order, the integrity of the products, and sign a receipt statement. Due to the nature of the products offered via stalls, the purchased products are considered free of defects and / or damage by signing the said statement. The seller's commitment to secure the products and the commitment of the stacks to delivery have been final with consideration to the aforementioned exchange and return policy.

The photos of the products shown by Bastaat are for display purposes only and cannot be relied upon for selecting the product.
The user can cancel or amend the order four hours before the specified time for delivery, by contacting Bastaat Customer Service Unit at +965 55292259 or info@bastaat.com
Bastaat reserves the right to cancel any purchase order if the request relies on any wrong or inaccurate information available on Bastaat, and in this case the buyer is notified of the cancellation by any available means according to the data specified by him when submitting the purchase request.
Bastaat may make promotions from time to time, and reserve the right to cancel them at any time without any liability to the user due to cancellation.
Stats also reserves the right to specify or adjust the quantities requested by the same person or at the same address, including regarding promotional offers. In the event of canceling any purchase order to adjust the quantity, the buyer shall be notified by any available means according to the data specified thereof when submitting the purchase order.
Information about delivery 
We strive to deliver the products that were purchased within the time period specified by the user when placing the purchase request in order to provide us with excellent service, however, the delivery time is affected by many factors outside the control and control of stalks and therefore we cannot guarantee the delivery of the purchased products at the scheduled time always We will not be responsible for any delay in delivery. However, if we become aware of a potential delay, we will notify the user of the expected delay time.
Users are solely responsible for providing correct, complete and clear addresses and Bastaat will not be responsible for any obligation or liability arising from providing it with any wrong or incomplete addresses.

Bastaat also reserves the right to stop the service for any specific geographical area at any time and according to our own discretion without the need for any notification and without any responsibility on Bastaat towards the user.


Product pricing 

The prices for the products shown on the stands are the prices at which we provide each seller who displays his products on the stands on the basis of which he sells his products. Thus, the stands do not price any product.


The seller may amend the price list of his products and accordingly we will amend it in stoves.
We will not be responsible to the user or any third party for any change or price change.


Return policy 

Given the nature of the products offered via Bastaat, the policy of switching and returning is as follows:

  • As for agricultural products, poultry, fish, and fodder, none of them can be exchanged or returned after the receipt of the statement of receipt indicated in the “Information on Purchase Order” above. Noting that if there is evidence of damage to it upon receipt, the buyer may choose to exchange the product or return it and return the price, thereby indicating the option of the receipt.
  • For livestock products, the exchange, refund, and refund of the price can be requested within two hours from the time of receipt indicated in the receipt, in the event of a defect is found in the seller, the request for replacement or reply is requested by calling us at +965 55292259 or info@bastaat.com. In order to complete the exchange or reply, the paid invoice must be shown.


Delivery costs for exchange or refund are the responsibility of the seller of the product.
In the event that the user chooses to return the product and recover the price, the price will be returned in the same way in which the payment was made, noting that the price recovery may take some time according to the terms and conditions of the relevant cards and payment gateways.


Third-Party Links and Advertisement

Placemats may display links to third-party websites, including ads and sponsors. These sites have their own terms, conditions and privacy policy and govern the user’s relationship with them. Visiting these links is the sole responsibility of the user and the links are not related to the content and contents of those links and we are not responsible for any claim whatsoever arising from the use of these links or the third-party service.


Intellectual property
All works related to the creation and activation of Bastaat are property of the company and are protected by intellectual property protection laws including copyrights and trademarks, whether registered or not. By using Bastaat, the user only obtains a personal, non-assignable, non-exclusive, revocable license to access and use the site and the application associated with it and the user commits to respect the intellectual property rights associated with Bastaat and is responsible for any violation of the intellectual property rights arising from his use of the Bastaat.
The intellectual property rights associated with any content that the user creates, uploads, posts, sends or stores through the user's stands.
Duration and termination
By using Bastaat, the user has entered into an agreement with us and abides by the terms and conditions mentioned here. This agreement will remain in effect until terminated as described below.
The user can terminate this agreement without prior notice at any time by deleting his own account via Bastaat, and we may also terminate it without prior notice and delete the user account if we believe that the user has violated any of the provisions of this agreement or we have been requested to do so in accordance with the provisions of law .
Termination of this agreement by the user or by us and for any reason will not exempt the user from any obligation that may remain in effect after the date of termination of the agreement and / or from any financial obligations or compensation arising from the user’s actions, inaction or negligence throughout the period of validity of this agreement.
Limitation of liability
For services provided under the stipulations provided "as is" and "as available" and to the maximum extent permitted by law without any guarantees of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, including those related to marketability or quality satisfactory or appropriate to a specific purpose or Quiet use or not to be violated. We also do not represent or guarantee that: (a) The services will always be safe, error-free, or provided in a timely manner; (B) the services will always operate without delay, disruption or defects; (c) that strokes remain continuous without interruption; (c) that strokes (totally or partially) not be stopped at our own discretion or (d) that any content or information obtained Through exact, complete or error-free strokes or to be displayed at the appropriate time. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible for any damages, losses, or expenses that may be incurred for the cases specified above.
Unless any of this is expressly prohibited by law and to the maximum extent permitted by law, the company, its partners, officials, managers, employees, agents, legal representatives and independent contractors are not responsible in any way for any of the following damages, losses, or claims: consequential or model damages, or Incidental, indirect, special, punitive, moral or any similar damages; damages resulting from the loss of business profits or revenue, Failure to achieve any expected savings, interruption of work, data loss, loss of employment, corruption or loss of data or breach of data protection, failure to transfer or obtain any data, problems associated with any applications used in conjunction with Bastaat or links not displayed on Bastaat; costs Replacement or any other similar damages, whether from a contract or default (including negligence) or others.
The stadiums or the company and its partners, officials, managers, employees, agents, legal representatives and independent contractors are not responsible for any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from the products offered or purchased through stools, and the full responsibility in this regard is The sellers of these products are responsible for the stoves.
Protection and compensation
The user agrees to indemnify, protect, and defend the company and its partners, officials, managers, employees, agents, legal representatives, and independent contractors for any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys fees) arising from:
- access to and / or use Bastaat and all the materials in it;
- Accessing and / or using third-party links or services, including advertisements;

- the user's content;

- The user has breached these terms and conditions; or
- Providing us with false or misrepresented data.
The user also exempts the company and its partners, officials, managers, employees, agents, legal representatives and independent contractors from any and all claims, balls, damages, obligations, costs and expenses arising from any dispute between it and any of the Bastaat users.
Aplicable law and Jurisdiction 

These terms and conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Kuwait, and the courts of the State of Kuwait are competent to consider any dispute that may arise from its interpretation, application, or termination.


Miscellaneous provisions

In the event that any of the terms of these terms and conditions are found invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this matter will not in any way affect the validity of the rest of the terms nor will it affect the validity of the entire agreement or its validity for implementation.


The user may not assign, waive, change, or modify any or all of these terms and conditions, in whole or in part, without our prior written consent.
Failure to exercise any right granted to us under these terms and conditions or delay in requesting its implementation is not a waiver of us from this right and will not prevent any subsequent exercise or demand to apply this right.
These terms and conditions together with their amendments embody the full agreement between us regarding the use of stalls and supersede all prior agreements, data, terms and obligations not listed here.
The main language of these terms and conditions is Arabic and if translated into any other language, the Arabic version will prevail in the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy in meaning between the Arabic version and the translated.
Deilvery Policy 
Delivery days: Monday and Thursday  
Delivery times: 10 Am to 3 Pm in accordance with the partial cuerfew tiiming 

For every order greater than or equal to 150 Kg in total the buyer will be responsible for delivery fees which are 5 K.D. per 150 Kg. 


Contact us 
For any inquiries or comments, contact us at +965 55292259 or info@bastaat.com